Sep 012013

When we are young children, we know what we like, we know where our passion lies and we follow our heart to happiness.  But eventually we start thinking too much.


We think, “I should be doing this instead.”

We think, “This is what is expected of me.”

We think, “What will others think of me.”

We think, “I must outgrow my passion in order to grow.”

We think, “I must be different, I’m not good enough now.”

We think, “I must be like everyone else.”

We think,

We think,

We think,


And where does all this thinking get us?


More thinking.


We think, “I am unfulfilled.”

We think, “I’m not happy.”

We think, “If only…”

We think, “I feel lost.”

We think, “What is the point.”

We think, “I need…”

We think,

We think,

We think



Children, let go of all this thinking and relax in the arms of The Friend/The Mother/The Father.


Let go of all this thinking and return to your authentic self who sits deep in your heart waiting anxiously for you to remember who you were born to be.  You knew it when you were a child before all this thinking.  Remember.  Remember who you are and follow your heart instead of all this thinking.




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