Sep 012013

Without a word The Friend beckoned,

Come with me.

We stepped into the row boat

As I took the oars to row, he said,

“Let Me.”

He felt my discomfort at not rowing.

Was it the lack of control or

Lack of pulling my own weight

That caused the discomfort?

My Friend, without a word beckoned

Let me.

I’ve got this.  I’ve got you.

You can even lay back and nap if you want.

When you wake I will still be here and

I will still have the oars, rowing

Rowing you to a better place.

A place you haven’t been able to imagine.

Let go of your measly imaginings and

Let me

Imagine for you.


He saw me wonder,

If I go to sleep I may dream of taking the oars

And take myself back to that scary place,

That place of lack, that place of worry.

“Don’t worry,”  He said, “I will still have the oars when you wake.

All your dreams will not effect my rowing

You to a better place.”

As I relaxed I noticed

The sea was glossy still, picture perfect peace.

Dolphins gently came up to the boat

As if they were dogs wanting to be pet.

Even sharks came up, docile and friendly.

What a world He is rowing me into!


He saw my wonder at the beauty around me

“Soon,” He said, “Even your dreams will change

To be as peaceful and safe and loving as mine.

But for now

Let me

Row you in these peaceful waters

Let me

Love you in the way I always have.”


And so I sit in The Friend’s boat

While he rows

Sitting back, trying to get used to the idea

That God helps those who don’t help themselves.



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